The market :

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and is the leading agricultural commodity by volume.

The world production of coffee amounts to 7.4 billion kg per year or 235 kg of coffee every second.

Coffee is moving upmarket after wine and beer.

Coffee is consumed by 83% of French people.

NESPRESSO remains for the French market the lieder in the CAPSULE.

9 billion sold in the world

2 billion sold in France

The progression :

The Nespresso compatible capsule shows an increase in sales of 40%.

Why choose Espresso ?

Since 2011, when the compatible capsules were introduced, many of them have had problems adapting to the NESPRESSO machine without damaging the quality and taste of a real EXPRESSO for consumers.

This is why BEST ESPRESSO has created the only capsule in the world that only the pressure of water is enough, no need for spikes for it to pierce, a food film protects at best from the contact of aluminum at the time of the flow of your EXPRESSO.

It is also 80 varieties of very high quality including:

- Vintage coffees

- Decaffeinated coffees without solvent cooked with the vapor

-Organic teas

-100% leaf teas and coffees with beneficial properties for the body

Your support :

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